“This is the True Nature of Home – It is the Place of Peace; The Shelter, Not Only From All Injury, But From All Terror, Doubt, & Division.”
– John Ruskin (1819-1900) English writer, art critic & philosopher


I’m assuming that you have chosen to restore your historic bungalow authentically rather than update it into something it is not, but may not feel confident in how to plan or execute this. My blog should provide you with the guidance that you will need to understand your house, its architectural history & character, some education on various technical aspects of its construction & finally, how you can get the help you need to make your old house into a lovely home.

The path from getting the keys on closing day to having an authentically restored, preserved & beautiful bungalow, can be a jagged one, fraught with peril! But, the day will dawn when you finally pull out your camera & start shooting the “Afters.” I’m looking forward to it too.

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This is not a DIY site. When I purchased my Craftsman, I owned a large, specialty, luxury contracting business. I was running a neighborhood preservation committee, helping lead the battle to save a historic supermarket building (Fail.) while growing a home tour committee intent on surpassing our peak of 990 attendees (Almost!) I was the mother of a skinny, elderly cat who wanted only to be held in my arms. And I was the only daughter of a much beloved 90-year old mother who lived 12 long hours away.

It was immediately obvious that I would need to hire pro tradespeople to help me. This blog is the story of how I researched extensively to discover how to restore your historic bungalow authentically & what I learned – the history of the bungalow & my beautiful Craftsman in particular; about my study of best preservation & design practices, my quest for materials & tradespeople & how I returned my bungalow to its original 1910 glory.