“Old Buildings Are Not Ours. They Belong, Partly to Those Who Build Them, & Partly to the Generations of Mankind Who Are to Follow Us.”
– John Ruskin (1819-1900) English Critic of art, architecture & society


I see many posts from people who are dismayed, enraged & disturbed by the reckless destruction & neglect of our built heritage. You have probably experienced similar- for me the response was terrible tummy aches.

The only antidote is to, in the words of my dear friend, Jane Powell, ”Do something about it!”

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Once your own house is restored, I’d like for you to step outside & share your heart & your newly found knowledge with the built heritage that need your advocacy. I want you to participate in the world of old buildings, even if it’s just touring a house museum, or staying at a historic inn.

Better yet, be a volunteer. There isn’t a museum, a preservation advocacy group or historical society in America that couldn’t benefit from your talents.