“Green Grass, Trees, Shrubbery, Flower & Vegetable Gardens All Your Own, It Is the Real Life that Leads to Happiness, For You & Those You Love.”
– From the Honor Built, Modern Homes Catalogue of Bungalows by Sears, Roebuck & Co.


As I walk outside a bungalow, stepping off the porch to stroll down the street of its old neighborhood, I am always stuck by the variety of exteriors I see from house to house- an array of inspirations, features, & colors that give each one an individual & memorable personality, while maintaining the harmony of the charming vintage streetscape.

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There are many design choices to be made outside the bungalow- paint colors, lighting, landscaping & hardscaping. Each one of these should be made to best enhance the house, in keeping with its period, style, materials & location.

The images below lead to posts containing information about the different areas & aspects of the outside of your old house. They include information on how to understand, preserve & beautify it, remaining historically correct to the style & period while making it your own vision of what is beautiful. I am always on a quest to discover the best resources & you will see new ones popping up here for you. Please let me know about your discoveries too. And send pictures! I want to admire your bungalow’s exterior

Historic Shed Traditionally designed outbuildings