“Most Bungalow Designers were Interested in the Architectural Features of the Living & Dining Areas… The Rest of the Rooms were Treated as Utilitarian.”
– Robert Winter (1924-2019) aka “Bungalow Bob,” architectural historian, author, critic, & teacher


Opening the door & stepping inside the historic bungalow is the next best thing to having a time machine.

You spent your day in a high-rise building staring into the glare of a computer, then you drove home on a crowded freeway, passing miles of little boxes made of ticky-tacky, little boxes all the same- although these days they’re huge, 5,000 square feet boxes made of ticky-tacky- listening to the news which these days, is frankly, pretty grim.

Inside your bungalow, you gaze at your artfully tiled fireplace & admire the glass-doored built-ins in your dining room. You are immediately soothed by the beauty of your nature-inspired home & its honest materials. The cacophony of the 21st Century mercifully dims.

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From one house to the next, Bungalow interiors have many features in common while providing myriad choices to suit your individual tastes & lifestyle, & ensure your comfort. From paint choices to furniture, window treatments, decorative items, & kitchen & bath design, the images below lead to posts containing information about the different areas & aspects of the inside of your old house. They include information on how to understand, preserve & beautify it, remaining historically correct to the style & period while making it your own vision of what is beautiful. I am always on a quest to discover the best resources & you will see new ones popping up here for you. Please let me know about your discoveries too. And send pictures! I want to admire your bungalow’s interior. And your cats. (I write a lot about mine!) Doggies too!

craftsman house
Craftsman House