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OLD HOUSE RESTORATION VIDEOS- Bungalow Character Defining Features

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These videos show & tell the story of bungalow character defining features, the architectural bits & pieces that separate a bungalow from other houses. They are the features that you expect to see on a bungalow that has been well-cared for, or authentically restored. They are a good guide in planning & performing your own restoration.

The term bungalow refers to the general shape of a building, not its style. In fact, one of the best things about them is that they were built in a variety of styles. This is why you can drive down the street of a bungalow neighborhood & each house is charmingly unique, inspired by a different style from Swiss Chalet to Victorian to Japanesque to Tudor.

I chose this format of conveying this information because it allows you to walk around & through a bungalow, rather than seeing bits of it out of context. I have chosen these particular ones because they contain great information that will help you know a bungalow when you see one, & will hopefully answer the question, “Is my house a bungalow?”

Enjoy the videos!

THE VIDEOS- Bungalow Character Defining Features

Brent trots us through a brief look at the history of the Arts & Crafts Movement, but spends most of his time discussing bungalow defining features. He shows us some bee-you-ti-ful examples of bungalows.

A fascinating, in depth look at the Arts & Crafts Movement.

The marketing of the bungalow. An amusing story of how the style made a lotta $$$ for a lotta folks.

The history & details of the adorable style.

If you want to read more about these dear houses, visit my article here.


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