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Bungalow HardwareThe Arts & Crafts Movement highly revered the dignity of labor & valued good design. These attributes were evident in their use of the humbler metals- the hand-hammered copper, molded bronze & forged iron- of our bungalow hardware. The abundance of natural materials, employed “honestly,” that is to say, not molded, painted or otherwise contrived to resemble that which it was not, is one of the hallmarks of the Movement & one of the most charming features of our homes.

Bungalows come to us with hardware in various conditions. In the Hare House, I was stunned to discover that the majority of the hardware that adorned my built-in sideboard was intact & I was even happier to discover that I could easily resource the missing pieces.

My Tampa house was not so fortunate. I had to replace almost every one of my doors & find hardware for them also. It took several months of combing salvage outlets & eBay but at long last everything was in place. I used reproduction hardware for the sideboard & colonnades that I created- a far easier task!

I am going to caution you once again to choose the hardware that is appropriate for your house. It is tempting to want to use the largest, most ornate accents in the attempt to embellish your home. However, making choices more in line with the charm it already possesses, be it modest or or mega, will be more more enhancing.


Bungalow hardware resourceAntique Hardware Supply

An extensive offering of period-style lighting, interior, pocket & exterior door, window, cabinet & bath hardware. They have a page dedicated to Arts & Crafts for easy bungalow shopping.

Antique Hardware Supply provides consultations with experienced designers who are experts in period style hardware.


Bungalow hardware resource Bathroom Machineries

Antique plumbing fixtures, obsolete plumbing parts & faucet restoration. Many of their products are made or designed right in their own shop by plumbing experts.

They offer a huge choice of manufacturers & products.


Bungalow hardware resource HippoHippo Hardware

An eclectic building salvage store specializing in hardware, lighting, architecture & plumbing.

They also provide lighting and lamp repair with a fully UL certified lighting repair shop that can customize length, finishes, plating, & configuration. Their plumbing department will coordinate refinishing with local companies. The hardware department is able to customize with darkening, refinishing, cleaning & rebuilding.


Bungalow hardware resource Historic HousepartsHistoric Houseparts

Antique & new hardware & parts for doors & furniture, plumbing fixtures & hardware, lighting fixtures & parts, heat registers & grills & most everything else that you might need to restore your bungalow.

Their blog is very interesting & has some great images.


Bungalow hardware resource House of Antique HardwareHouse of Antique Hardware

Locksets & door sets, push & kick plates, window & cabinet hardware, lighting & electrical & more. They give you the opportunity to select Arts & Crafts in each category, making for easy shopping.

They are very knowledgeable & will give you great advice.


Bungalow hardware resource KennedyKennedy Hardware

A huge array of hardware for furniture, much of which you could use for cabinets. Some door hardware.

I’m just going to recommend that you visit the site & poke around their lo-o-o-o-ng list of products. They offer free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. for orders over $100.


Bungalow hardware resource KilianWm. A. Kilian

Door & window hardware including weatherstripping, cabinet, window & curtain hardware & myriad more items of many types & functions.

BTW, they also have the cutest stand-up clothes dryer I have ever seen!


Bungalow hardware resources Liz's Antique HardwareLiz’s Antique Hardware

Liz’s is chock full of old goodies & I loved visiting there when I lived in L.A. A great site feature is the history of hardware,  & an extensive hardware glossary.

I think that the best way to understand this store is to visit the Facebook page that has great photos of this hardware paradise.


Bungalow hardware resource Nostalgic WarehouseNostalgic Warehouse

I’m plunking you down right in their Collections section so you can easily navigate to the door hardware of your dreams.

They construct in solid-forged brass & offer 8 custom finishes.


Bungalow hardware resources Van Dyke's Restorers. Van Dyke’s Restorers
The Source for All Your Renovation & Restoration Needs

Once again, you’ll be landing in their A&C section of this massive catalogue of supplies. Van Dyke’s has a great reputation amongst restoration folks.


Vintage Hardware & Lighting

An enormous selection of products so this is the link to their Arts & Crafts section. They have a full menu on the left side of each page to you can get anywhere you want to shop easily.

Visit my Pinterest page to see some very cool hardware from many of these folks!

In addition to these vendors, Facebook Marketplace place can be a treasure for the old house owner as can eBay & Etsy. And don’t forget to check out salvage stores!

I implore you to send me any bungalow hardware resources that you might have that are not included my list. Hardware can be completely missing from an abused old house & it can be a major challenge to replace it.


Historic lightbulbLIGHTING
A series of article on lighting which includes sources for antique lighting as well as work by the modern masters & also reproduction fixtures.

How to choose window coverings that will give you privacy & enhance the beauty & character of your home.

Old typewriter


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